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Please be patient--there are a number of graphics on this page, and it may load slowly.

The following demonstrates how easy it is to create a photo album with PocketPhoto™.


1. Install PocketPhoto™ onto your PC. The install program will automatically launch the Palm Install tool and add PocketPhoto to your install list. You will need to perform a  Hotsync® operation to install the new program onto your handheld before creating your photo album. 



2. Open PocketPhoto™ from your program directory under Dream House™.


3. Select the Palm User from the drop-down list. Click "add photo" and the browser opens.  Select a picture.  It doesn't matter what format it is, whether it's in color, or how big the file is!  PocketPhoto™ does the work.

4.  Your picture appears in the PocketPhoto Album Creator™.  You can now select which part of the picture you want on your handheld, and adjust the contrast until it looks great!


5.  Now it's time to name your photo file.  PocketPhoto will automatically name it from the file name. Click OK.  Your file now appears on a list for you to rearrange, delete or preview.  Add hundreds of  photos! 



6.  Close the PocketPhoto Album 

Creator™.  Closing it saves the album you just created.  Perform a HotSync® operation on your handheld and voila! Your photos are ready to be enjoyed on your handheld.  (Actual image quality shown -- background enhanced:  adjusted to be white)


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